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At NHIMS, we are committed to delivering the best in healthcare with sophisticated facilities, equipment and technologies. With our team of well-trained support staff and experienced specialists, along with our advanced facilities, we are well-equipped to cater to the healthcare needs of every member of your family.

A wide range of skill, expertise and amenities, and a passion to transform medical care are our driving forces for delivering exceptional healthcare with a promise of superior patient experience.

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24x7 Emergency & Trauma Care

Our Emergency and Trauma care department is well equipped with medical experts who specialise in providing early operative and critical care for acute illness and injuries. We understand the importance of time-sensitive medical interventions in saving lives and so we have a specially trained and experienced triage team to ensure that treatment is prioritised based on the urgency.

Operation Theatre

Our state-of-the-art operation theatre is well equipped to perform various surgical procedures across specialties. With amenities and hygiene upkeep in line with international standards, and renowned and experienced medical staff and surgeons, we ensure that we provide the best possible quality of care to every patient.

Labour Delivery Room

The Labour Delivery Room at NHIMS is built to accommodate all types of deliveries. Our delivery rooms are designed with careful consideration of the comfort and safety of both the mother and newborn child. Complete with every necessary amenity and unmatched care, we aspire to make the experience as smooth, peaceful and worry-free as possible.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Equipped with the most advanced monitoring facilities, and a team of expert neonatologists and medical staff specially trained to care for newborns, we ensure that your newborn is given all the necessary care and attention for a speedy recovery. Our ultra modern facility and unmatched care is your assurance that your newborn is in safe hands.

Ultra Sound Scanning (USG)

Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment is dependent on a well functioning scanning unit. With our most advanced imaging technology, we get a closer look at what’s happening inside the human body to guide our experts towards prescribing the right treatment; ensuring special attention to the health and happiness of our patients.


Keeping in line with the technological advancements in the field, we have adopted cutting-edge digital laboratories into our medical system. Complete with amenities like auto biochemistry analyzers and a team of experienced doctors and technicians, our department of lab services actively aids in diagnosis, disease detection and recovery progress monitoring.


With an experienced pharmaceutical team, skilled both clinically and technologically, we ensure patient safety and round-the-clock availability of pharmaceutical care. We offer the highest quality pharmaceutical products and premium quality surgical equipment from top brands, maintained safely and with an efficient dispensing system.

Digital X-Ray

At NHIMS, patient well being and timely care is of utmost importance. We, therefore, made the shift to digital X-ray sensors that generate 80% less radiation than the traditional X-rays, provide accurate imagery and all that within a much lesser time window.

Audiology & Speech Therapy

Our advanced audiology lab is equipped with the latest instruments and skilled specialists to assure accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment of every kind of speech, language and communication disorders across all age groups.

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